Our Unique Flashers

Jim’s Break-A-Way Flashers (8” and 11”)

and flasher accessories

"Fight the fish, not the flasher".  That simple statement says it all. 

When the fish strikes, the bottom half of the flasher disconnects from the main line while the top of the flasher remains attached.  With out the flasher drag, you feel every move of the fish.

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 Flashers $12.99-$14.99

Our Break-A-Way feature is available on both our 8" and 11" models.

Green Series   (UV Injected)

Glow          Plaid    Sparkles    Scales        Red Rum


Red Series  (UV Injected)

Glow            Plaid       Sparkles      Scales


Chartreuse Series  (UV Injected)

Glow            Plaid        Scales     Silver Scales  Silver Sparkles     K&C Disco


White Series  (UV Injected)

                Glow           Scales          Cop Car          White Pearl      Blue Ice      Polar Orange 


Dragon Series  (UV Injected)

Blue            Gold            Green        Purple        Red        Silver


Crush and Tiger Series  (UV Injected)

Killer Crush    Nuclear Crush   Ice Tiger   Green Ice Tiger    Orange Ice Tiger


Haze and Disco  Series  (UV Injected)

Green           Blue      Chartreuse      Pink            Purple       Silver Disco



Glow Series  (glow in the dark board)

Green Splatterback        Green Gold       Green Glow Sparkle      County Cop          Glow Pearl

 green splatterback glow flasher                          green gold glow flasher                       green glow sparkle flasher                        county cop glow flasher                 


It may be time to replace your Pin Assembly.  Finally after 6 years, we brought these out to the market.  Each Flasher comes with one assembly, but extras are always a good idea.